If you are looking for a challenging, yet fun, innovative puzzle, this is the one that you are looking for. Perplexus Epic has been a wonderful fun adventure for your whole family. There are many moving elements in this edition, with more hump backed bridges, stairs, single walled tracks, jumps, drops and tunnels than either of the other puzzles. It’s incredibly addicting!

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Perplexus Epic Product Description

Perplexus Epic Video

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Game of the Year is the latest in a series of awards and seals of approval earned by Perplexus Epic. The TOTY (Toy of the Year) awards are the “Oscars” of the toy industry. What makes a TOTY so special is that it is awarded by a panel of toy industry experts and peers.

Perplexus Epic  is an entertainment puzzle for both  kids and adults. It is larger than the original Perplexus at 8″ in diameter and really is a step up in difficulty. Sticking with a much sharper Blue, White and Grey colour scheme, it certainly seems as though this edition is no longer aimed at the younger market, but at the serious puzzler. It certainly looks good sitting on the top of puzzling shelves. The Epic is the most challenging series of Perplexus puzzles, covering 125 stages from start to finish. With four starting points, this time labelled as

Perplexus Epic

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Practice A, B and C (along with the actual start) this is a serious challenge, and completing the track from the first stage all the way to 125 is a serious dexterity challenge. If you enjoy puzzle games you should definitely enjoy this. With more hump backed bridges, tunnels, stairs, single walled tracks, drops and jumps than either of the other puzzles that you’re not going to make it through this one without some serious practice. Although the Epic is alot more difficult to conquer than the original, it is definitely not impossible. It’s super addictive and tons of fun. If you are up for an entertaining challenge this toy will not disappoint. This Epic can assists in child development permitting children to exercise their motor and skill abilities, in addition to increase their hands-eye coordination. No batteries needed. Its small size causes it to be easily portable.

Perplexus Epic Product Features

  • Flip, twist and turn the sphere to solve the puzzle
  • Great for travel – no loose pieces
  • Easy to play but challenging to complete
  • Develops motor and dexterity skills
  • Improves hand-eye coordination and spatial relations

Epic Perplexus Review

Here is the epic perplexus review by people who already purchase and use this puzzle.

By Cassandra:

My brother bought the Epic a few weeks ago and I am torn over it. On the one hand; it teaches good hand eye coordination, patience, it is a mind binder, and can be pretty fun. We like to pass it around and see how far we can make it. On the other hand: Those who created this monstrosity are WARPED and are bent on destroying the will and torturing those who like to take things from start to finish. I have spent HOURS with it and have only made it to check point 50 of 125!!! I have made hundreds of attempts, literally, not joking. Anyone who says they made it on their first try, or even on the tenth try is either a liar or a robot. I would not recommend this as a gift for someone who is easily frustrated, or even hard to frustrate as it will cause a cloud of depression to settle on them and everyone around them. I am not one who is prone to violent outburst of anger to the point of throwing or breaking things, but I will admit to trying to melt it with my brain after the little metal ball, that is clearly possessed by demons to the point it can climb up hill, jumps off the track for no reason time and time again. More often then not, I find myself having trouble getting on the start platform, or getting past the first obstacle. Despite all this, I am addicted to Perplexus Epic. I can forgive the creators of this demonic spear as I do enjoy trying to get it past all the obstacles, twists and turns. I can’t imagine how Perplexus will be able to make anything to top this.

By Daniel Slater:

I had never heard of this toy until my wife brought it home for the kids — apparently they have the two earlier/easier editions at their school. This is an addicting and satisfying physical toy that is as engaging to my kids (9 and 6) as any video game, which as a parent, is incredible. We find ourselves in impromptu family game circles passing it around and taking turns, cheering each other on. The premise is simple: guide a small metal ball around tracks that bend and twist through the orb using balance, fine motor coordination, patience, and the right touch and dexterity. In addition to a main track — a dastardly affair with rails, tracks with steps, teeter-totters, tunnels, holes and more — there are several practice runs you can also take. The design of this toy is impressive — kudos to the company for creating a great balance between challenge and enjoyment. And packing it all ingeniously into a sturdy, see-through ball, that rests in non-play times on a small plastic stand. Tiny engraved step numbering — 1 through 125 — guides you in the right direction through this puzzle toy. The only flaw is that this numbering is a little hard to read. Most times it’s pretty intuitive what your next step is. However, there are times when seeing which way you will have to go next helps out, as would the ability to better plan ahead. Great fun for everyone, across a broad range of ages, proving (in an instance that is unfortunately rare these days) that an old school, hands-on interactive toy can be as much, if not more, fun than one that requires joysticks and a video screen.

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